Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I had a couple of days to myself so headed over to the East coast and camped overlooking the sea. Wonderful. I had great plans for starting the first projects of the course but I'd muddled my camera batteries and ended up with very little charge. Aargh. I really frustrate myself sometimes! I did get some pics before the battery died, but I'll have to revisit the first projects I think. Second serve to come.

Another observation from my curtailed photographic exploits this weekend, with assignment 1 in mind. I know it's a way off, but all the chat on the flickr oca forum is inspiring me. I'm enjoying trying to come up with ideas for the contrasts. However, I have found that concepts in my head are far more tricky to implement in reality. The simplest ideas to actually photograph well is incredibly tricky and the picture in my mind is a world apart from the attempts. I guess, I need to draw simpler pictures in my head or improve quickly!!

A further rather frustrating observation I have found is the innumerable potential photographs I take in my head on a long journey whilst in the car and not being able to stop and snap. For example, in a field on the side of the A64 were huge round bails of hay. The sun was low and creating long shadows - the colours were golden, warm and stunning. But it aint that easy to stop on a road like that. But this kept happening all the way there and back. These great shots untaken. I can't be the only one who suffers from this??

Anyway, got my welcome letter from my tutor so hopefully I'll make contact shortly and start the course good and proper.

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