Wednesday, 3 February 2010

in the shower

Take a look at this series of photographs entitled In the Shower by Manjari Sharma. She explains she has been inviting people to the intimate space of her bathroom and then invites them to have a shower.  She continues to photograph them.  What she has found interesting is the initial awkwardness of her subjects is literally washed away once the warm water runs over their body.  She goes on to say her subjects were then often inclined to open up and talk about intimate parts of their life.  And she has formed some of the 'the fastest, most disarming friendships' she has ever formed.

Looking at the photographs you can really see the relaxation in her subjects and how each subject must have untangled themselves from the daily toils.  They seem to be in a sort of meditative state with a sensuality that has childlike purity but with a clandestine intimacy.  Sharma clearly has orchestrated the situation yet the subjects have all arrived at their own peace.  I find the portraits beautiful and I feel privileged to view them. To create such work must be very rewarding on many levels.

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