Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Dana Popa: not Natasha

I'm having a blogging splurge before me hols!!

I caught sight of this for the first time on the Little Brown Mushroom blogDana Popa's Not Natasha project is one of those photo-essays that had it not been pointed out to me, I may not have noticed it.  But that doesn't say anything about the work - more my lack of experience in viewing others work.

However, when I took the time to really look at it, I found the story a compelling and sad one.  The way in which she presents sex-trafficking is sympathetic, subdued and without sensationalism.  It appears to be a combination of exploring real events of the past and the torment still evident in the present. The lighting and atmosphere created in the images is quite dark and haunting, fitting for the theme. There is a bold and considered composition evident throughout as well as selective, almost minimalist, content in some. For example, this image of the baby and here with the subject's head assuming such a small fraction of the total image.  Infact, everytime I look at the images I see more in them - this is the magic that can be achieved!! Erm, abra-cadabra. Nah, zippity, zappity zoom. Nah, need to get myself to Hogwarts!!

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