Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Social Documentary assignment 1

Well, after a creative drought, the rains have finally come. Hoorah!!  Last Thursday I did my 'day in the life of...' which is the first assignment topic for social documentary.  I have gone through all the images, almost 400 of them - mmm, a few too many, and have selected the ten I wish to use. Heck, that was hard - narrowing it down to ten, really didn't like doing that!! 

Just a case of compiling them all and presenting them now.  Think I'm happy with them, but it is always the same when I do some new work. My initial thoughts are really positive, then I go off them and all the self-doubt kicks in. And then, hopefully, after a week or so I can view them again with a little more objectivity.  So I've a few more days to go to really have a sense of how I feel about them.  But I did thoroughly enjoy the day, it got me out of my comfort zone and it did challenge some preconceptions. So who knows!!

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