Sunday, 26 September 2010

Part III pooped

Later in the day after many hours of traipsing around London, my energy levels started to wane. And then I noticed that I really wasn't the only one, there were all sorts of people equally 'pooped'!! I started to photograph them...

I also decided that a longer focal length than my sigma 17 -50 mm would be required if candid photography was the direction I wanted to pursue further.  It is far easier to be discreet then.


  1. Hi Penny.

    Just a quick note to let you know that I'm enjoying the blog. Also, I read with interest that you want a longer lens for candid work. This isn't really the case. I'd long be crippled with an inability to get out and shoot on the streets, but I took a weekend workshop with Nick Turpin and this really helped. Most of it was taken quite short (although, ok, I could get out as far as 105mm on a FF sensor).
    Basically, his main tip was shoot somewhere that people are busy, and they won't notice. If they do, just smile...


  2. Thanks Rob. Interesting what you say about Nick Turpin - it's good advice I think and I won't be going out to buy a new lens. It's always the same however, I want one lens that covers the whole spectrum!!!