Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Laura Stevens & Francesca Woodman

A couple of photographers that I have found interesting.

Laura Stevens has a project that caught my eye on Lenscratch called A Woman's Realm.  It is a set of nude portraits with little text to embellish their stories. What really struck me with this project was the exquisite and high contrast lighting and how the subject's figure falls in and out of the light.  It some how puts her subjects at ease and also the viewer.  They are not overtly shocking or explicit yet have an intimacy that offers more than just a physical presence.  There is something really 'here and now' about it that I like. I also find the images beautiful and the shapes created by the limited light draw your eye around the picture. Really nice series.

The other photographer is Francesca Woodman who sadly committed suicide at a very young age.  The images are more biographical in nature and she often carried out nude portraits as a form of expression.  Again, the space she used was limited to a room with occassional props or items that create intrigue in each image.  More questions are raised than answers available.  What I find interesting about this piece of work is how little is needed to create intriguing and indeed beautiful images.

Both these photographers to me have clear intention and the results are seemingly simple yet absolutely as they should be.  So often less is more...perhaps in this case, less in view of the camera and more thinking behind it.

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