Friday, 19 November 2010

The penny drops!!!

This last weekend I have attended a large format photography course with Dav Thomas and Tim Parkin. It was a full day introductory course with six other keen novices.  We were blessed with beautiful weather and spent the day on the Roaches in the Peak District. Having admired my camera lovingly for several weeks now, I can now admire it for what it can do, not just how beautiful it is!!!  It was such a relief to understand the basic processes, equipment and chat with others. And I was blown away the first time I went under the cloth and looked through the glass of my ebony.  It really is something else.  I totally understand how people fall for this type of photography. 

There are several bits of equipment that my bag is missing including a loupe and light meter, oh and of course film which I could do with getting. 

I'm itching to get started now.

Thanks guys for a very enjoyable day!!


  1. Glad you're making progress. I'm looking forward to seeing the output from this in due course.

  2. Thank you. Yes, it's big progress for me, albeit the comparable pace of a snail!!!

  3. Sounds like it was an enjoyable day Penny. The few exposures I have made were so nervy. Remembering to remove the dark slide was my No 1 schoolboy error.

    Have you seen the new online landscape magazine that Tim Parkin is involved with. There is a super video of him and Joe Cornish doing some post processing.

  4. Hiya Nigel. Tim did mention it but I've only just registered, so thank you for the link. Struggling to get the video working yet. I keep getting a blank page.

    It was a great day, Tim and Dav know their stuff and were so approachable. You could ask all manner of 'stupid' questions without feeling silly. It took a lot of the fear away for me. Although I still haven't had lift off doubt I'll make my fair share of schoolgirl errors too.

    Nice to see you posting your recent landscapes...really inspiring work.