Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Street Photography Now #8

We have been spoilt this week with our weekly instruction as it is from Matt Stuart. I just love his work. There is a good interview here.  His work has a light-heartedness to it with a real sharp wit and humour. It just appeals. But I'm not the only one, he is one of the most talked about street photographers of the moment. And clearly inspires many. 

Just as an aside, a guy on flickr posted this video of Joe Wigfall in action, another street photographer. He has a really refreshing and polite approach to his work.  Liked it alot.

So this week's instruction is:

on your knees please...take a picture from floor level
Yeh, I like this one. It screams at me - kids, take pictures of kids, see things from their level. However, this week I have been relatively impetuous and uploaded this image within a couple of days:

I knew my Wednesday slot was out this week and I also looked through the pool and saw lots of people's legs, shoes and concrete and wanted something a little different.  At the Christmas lights switch on, I took this one of the nearby stalls.  I liked the colour and the slightly different subject matter, however, I have liked it less as the week has progressed.  It lacks the trademark humour of Matt Stuart's work and whilst there is a person in the picture, she doesn't actually contribute anything additional to the image.  So I've learnt quite a lot again this week largely at my own expense.  However, I am driven on in the hope that I make the shortlist once again sometime in the future, but unfortunately I don't think it is going to be this week!!

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