Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Street Photography Now #11

Again, not much time this week to write up for instruction #11.  Mimi Mollica provided this week's instruction which is:
take to the streets, get political
Mimi Mollica has some very inspiring work which can be found here. What has been nice is his significant involvement and hands-on approach to the project this week.  The picture I submitted is this:

Very early on in the week I decided to upload this image. I like it because it is somewhat confusing! The boys immediate and almost instinctive response to seeing the dead rabbit was to reenact the killing. This response I found quite disturbing albeit not too surprising! A second earlier was the decisive moment, which I missed!  The boy in the middle had his legs straddled pointing his shooter (stick) at the roadkill.  I should have got a wriggle on - I'm kicking myself for missing that shot but still think the sentiment of the shot is evident.  

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  1. I think this works well. As you say, slightly disturbing but with some subtlety and ambiguity.