Thursday, 17 February 2011

Street Photography Now Week 20

Missed a few weeks now.  I did submit and then withdrew last week, and every week I'm finding it harder to submit.  The perceived standard in the group is definitely going up week by week or conversely, the more experienced street togs are continuing to submit, whilst those new to it are dropping out as the weeks pass.  I am going to continue as I am still learning loads although, same old complaint, just lacking the time and the quantity of people for opportunities to photograph.  As Spring comes, I'm sure I will have more luck. I do feel out of practice and need to build up to it again. I still want to pursue the rural street photography 'thing' but I can't force this either.

This week's instruction is by Bruno Quniquet:
Slow down, the next picture may be very quiet and close
This is the image I submitted:

This is taken on the way back to the car after an unsuccessful photo excursion.  I have walked passed this shop window hoping for something going on outside it before.  This wasn't quite what I had in mind, but when I got home and saw them all looking bored and facing the same direction and the ironic interplay with the background, it gave it a little more interest.

I keep having to remind myself "why am I showing this image?' 'what is it in this image that I want people to see?'.  And sometimes I find there is no message or compelling moment so need to force myself to 'edit' severely. But if I use this criteria for myself, it does make for a 'bijou' street portfolio.  So until I improve, I have to settle for 'nearly' moments or images with glaring flaws but with the glimpse of the potential of what might have been.

I also took this on the way home:

Sometimes I know what message I want to convey without having the picture to do it - I guess these are my preconceptions which for street photography really defeats the 'photograph in the moment' type approach. The above image is like that - I think I need to learn patience...again!!


  1. I'm on the fringes of the Lake District also (Aspatria) and find that street photography in the urban sense is quite difficult, people are often not happy to have their photography taken, this changes with the onset of the tourist season and it will be the beginning of the Agricultural shows soon and Appleby Horse fair etc all of which are wonderful for street photography style shots.
    Sometimes I take photos without really thinking, my subconscious takes over and I just 'play'. Maybe you can look too hard and worry too much when every photo excursions doesn't produce good results.
    Anna :-)

  2. Hi Anna, nice to meet you and a fellow West Cumbrian too, although it sounds like your travels take you far and wide. I agree with what you say, for the Street Photography Now Project I have been forcing the issue somewhat and I'm looking forward to the country shows when the opportunity to photograph people will be far less forced.