Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Finishing an assignment, like an exam or physical challenge leaves you, after the temporary elation of having finished, with a certain emptiness that is both liberating and ironically, very unsettling.  You're left wondering 'what was all that about then?' I've temporarily eased off the coursework, taken few photographs, neglected Street Photography Now and am spending my time on other other words I'm having a short break from it. A few days of good weather means I've been out running on the fells a fair bit.  And this weekend I'm away with the girls to obliterate a few more of those destructive thinking cells.

Generally though, I don't work at my best without a focus or project.  I find I'm a little listless.  But I do need to 'rejig' things.  It's time to spend less time on here, my has become a sanctuary but I retreat to it all too all addictions, I'll try to wean myself off with BST, comes a slight shift in emphasis.


  1. Good idea Penny. Photography isnt a race.

  2. No it isn't, but I can't see me 'breaking' for long...and I don't think I'll do very well at quitting the comp either!!!