Thursday, 3 March 2011

SPN Instructions 21 and 22

First off, I have just had a mail from Framer's Intent (admin on the SPN project) saying:
We are giving a talk about the SPN Project at the Format Photography Festival. We wish to show a slideshow selection of the images shortlisted in past weeks by the photographers who have given Instructions to this Project. 
Of which one they want to use being this one:
Great stuff!

Back to Instruction 22 by Nick Turpin which was
Be aware of the way the camera compresses a three dimensional world in to a two dimensional plane and use that to your advantage
Ok.  I guess they're clever visual puns when done well, but I suspect its difficult to capture 'classic' street photographs using this approach. Well I was away last week as it was half term.  I had the laptop with me but no way of downloading images so did not submit, but I did make a few attempts at this instruction.  See below:

Then this week's instruction is by Polly Braden is
Pick a spot, stay there for an hour and see what unfolds
Her portfolio makes good use of space, the environment and the subject makes up a small space in the frame. I thought this was a really challenging brief.  On Wednesday morning I headed to Keswick, I purchased myself a bucket-sized cardboard cup of latte and piece of chocolate crispie cake, and sat outside the cafe, camera in hand for what felt like a long time.  I find it so very very difficult to stay in one place, and whilst it was sunny, it was freezing - I was trying to levitate above the metal bits of the chair.  For a Wednesday morning, off-peak, there were actually a few people about.  But, whether I'm lacking originality or an 'eye' for it, could I visualise anything interesting - nah.  After an hour I had these...rolling eyes...

So I sacked that approach and tried to find some action, but still I was left with 'nowt. I tried another location and waited a bit and got this...
and then got bored waiting and got this on my way home...
Well, all pretty crap so I won't submit an image this week and will try again with a spare hour in the summer!!

However, I'm not too downbeat, I have today finally completed my last two sittings for assignment two...exhausting. In some ways these two were the most crucial as I really wanted to include them in the set...indeed it took me a while to pluck up the courage to ask them...and one of my film holders made quite a scrunching noise today so I'm hoping I've not done something stupid. So my box of 5x4 images will soon be on their way to Peak Imaging. Hopefully, with assignment four done and assignment two only a few weeks off I can get closure fairly soon on both of them...honestly!!! My tutor I'm sure will be waiting with baited breath...


  1. Congrats on getting the image selected - you'll have to submit for the competition now!

    The photograph with the umbrella puts me in mind of a similar idea by Richard Bram (man with a halo), it features in one of Turpin's collections of street images (10), and the theme features in his own work too, so I can see why he chose it.

    Spending an hour in one place is also something I tried (on a street photography weekend with Turpin), I camped opposite a bistro/cafe called "eat" for someone to walk by eating and it didn't happen. It was lunchtime so I was amazed! I got someone drinking though...

    Hope the negs come out ok, have you looked at Farnells in Lancashire though (for the developing)?

    Catch you later.

  2. Well done Penny! It is a great picture and I'm not at all surprised they chose it.

    Of the Nick Turpin pictures I particularly like the one with the very small walker on the beach. I've not really got into the last few week's challenges as I really needed to do my assignment. But have something in mind for this week.

    I look forward to seeing your assignment 2!

  3. really love your three Instruction 22 pics! brilliant Penny - well done

  4. Thank you Rob, Eileen and Helen, somehow missed these comments. Must get back to it with the street photography now project, such a slacker!!!