Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Its all about being balanced...

Well, you can be balanced if you take the average of the fluctuations between the ups and downs, lefts and rights can't you?!?

It happened at 12.45 last night.  No, not what you're thinking... unable to sleep, neither fully awake or fully asleep I could not settle my mind, then out of nowhere a glimpse of white, and pretty random, inspiration struck me like a knife. I crave these moments, they happen to me rarely and most often in the twilight hours or within a dream. Some of my best ideas arrive this way - although you can probably read more in to my awakened state from this than any great sleepy genius!!!

I can never resist, so here is my first DIY theory for today. When we awake in the morning, the logical left side of the brain predominates and we, the Royal We, relies heavily on this matter-of-fact side of the brain that gets us out of bed, showered, dressed and out the door! I am indebted to the 'Left'.  On the other hand, when the alarm dingalings at silly o'clock in the morning, the creative, free-thinking right side, reads this as 'clocking-off'!  Then, the 'Right' flits about unconstructively until the end of the day when it finally takes hold of the brain reigns and clocks back on ready to 'fizz'.

It is this shift from left to right as the day matures that makes me think ideas are more likely to arrive at night. And then the next morning the logical Left takes one look and convinces you that those hair-brained ideas are just that!

And since starting with OCA I have morphed in to a dark eyed night owl - and I just wondered whether being creative suits the evening more than the morning. Ok, I'm sensing blank stares through my screen, so I'll move on before I get the call...

So this idea then.  Well it was conceived last night and left me feeling truly elated and itching to a few gaps in the plan, I had it all worked out.  Then, the next morning, in what can only be called an inspiration hangover, I awoke 'poo-pooing' it.

Then it got me thinking how many ideas must be castigated to the trash before they see the light of day. So for this reason alone I am going to try this idea before I too trash 'what-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time-idea' to test this tremendous theory! (tongue firmly in cheek!!)

I can't tell you too much about it yet but soon will.  But I'm thinking it would provide an alternative for assignment five. It is definitely high-risk, verging on cheating...but then I've seen what Emin defines as art so go with it I say... Dewald, thank you for indirectly inspiring me with your Holga...

I have so many fledgling ideas scuttling about at the moment I don't know which to feed first!! Feeling good though!!


  1. You go girl!!

  2. Intriguing. Look forward to the big reveal! Best of luck Penny.

  3. It's all true Penny - I do all my writing and drawing at night. My first book was entirely written between the hours of 11pm and 3am... there's definitely some truth in your theory

  4. Thanks Vicki, Eileen and Adey. Adey, at least there is some meaning in the madness!!

  5. Normally have my Eureka's in the bath - hence I am often very wrinkly from long soaks!!

  6. Vicki, lol!! I'm wrinkly but can't blame the bath unfortunately!!!

  7. Love it!! Have fun in France!