Monday, 22 August 2011

Assignment Five: The Plan

Well, for November assessment, I need to have everything tied up by the beginning of October ideally, to ensure this assignment, plus the portfolio have been viewed by my tutor and then his comments incorporated in time.  I want to put this course to bed so, funds allowing, I can start a new module in January...that's the plan!!

I have, in this blog, hinted at all sorts of different ideas and projects in the past...and for a variety of reasons...they haven't all come to me failing to continue with the spn project in a phase of despondency and how an interview I was hoping to have with an artist from Skipsea for my portfolio failed to materialise... I worry about stating my future plans just in case they come to nothing. But then, that is sort of the purpose of this blog...

To bring you up to speed, for this assignment I can think of the landscape/personality idea, the holga idea and more recently and not posted on here are the market, beach, holiday/nature themed projects I tried whilst away. Well, I haven't worked out how to photograph the landscape/personality idea yet, the holga idea is quite an undertaking and won't be ready to submit for October and didn't really fit the brief anyway, then the market and beach ideas I tried and abandoned. Finally the holiday/nature project was based on the concept of - the desire to vacate our home and our need to control and manage our 'vacated-to' home and the battle thereof between man and nature. I have a set I could submit for assignment five which I kind of like but probably won't submit now.  I explain why further down this post.

What do you do with the sets you don't submit?  I'm not they just sit on your hard drive until you forget about them?...mine tend to! Anyway, I've posted below the unrefined set. Entitled as firstly a derivative of vacation is used in many languages and to have the phonic version emphasises the definition of the word too. I quite liked the postcard idea, like Martin Parr, as a way of emphasising the disparity between the idyllic postcard scenes we're accustomed to seeing, and the reality.

I do like this set, however, I suspect this will probably become my back up set as there is something else I really wish to do and have just gained permission to do, yay! I was going to allude to it here, but have hesitated, just in case for whatever reason it doesn't come off.  It is a simple idea that will entail making a series of black and white portraits at an event, much closer to home. Assignment five requires an objective approach without 'an angle' which I suspect will fit this idea better than the more 'subjective' idea. Apologies for my caution but I really want it to work and don't want to tempt providence. By late September I'll hopefully be able to share the results...


  1. 'I want to put this course to bed'

    Brilliant news Penny. I desisted from commenting on your 'Shut up moaning' post because I know it is important for students to use their learning logs to work through where they are and what they are trying to achieve, but I am glad to see you have come through the other side. As I have said in another context, of of my big concerns is that the flexibility of the OCA model does on occasion mean that students can get stuck in negative 'this isn't good enough' or 'this isn't what I want to do' loops. There is nothing wrong in those cases with setting a timescale and saying 'I do this by x and send it off'. That's how you make progress to personally negotiated work at level 3.

    So I was extremely pleased to read that phrase.

  2. Thanks Gareth, 'it's about bloody time too' you must be thinking and too polite to say!!...I'm certainly guilty of overcooking this one!!

    Erring on the perfectionist end of the spectrum as you refer to in Linda Beadle's learning log has certainly hindered a speedy completion in my case!!

    With regards the 'shut up moaning' post....I did hesitate uploading this, as it was very negative...however, I concluded that by not, I was creating my own propaganda, for who's benefit?? I think to create an honest dialogue with yourself and others who pop by is more constructive in the long run...

    Right, best get busy....a deadline is looming!!

  3. For what it's worth, I quite like the set...

  4. Cheers Rob, I sort of do too, but not sure it fits the brief...we'll see.