Thursday, 6 October 2011

Some cool landscape photography

Three landscape photographers that have recently caught my eye are Kacper Kowalski, Mitch Epstein and Mitch Dobrowner.

I saw Kacper's aerial photography in the Guardian several weeks ago. He has taken aerial images of Poland's forests. What struck me particularly was the fabulous patterns and colours his images make.  He transforms the landscape in to an abstract image of shapes, patterns, colours and texture.  They make very beautiful images.

Mitch Epstein is a photographer I saw at one of the London Galleries, The Tate Modern possibly, many months ago and I think OCA have mentioned his work before too.  Annoyingly it has taken me until now to recall his name.  I'm sure many will have come across his work before, but what I find particularly striking about his work is how well he has executed his message.  He focusses on consumerism, industrial development and where he feels the American Dream has gone awry. His images communicate so eloquently both as stand-alone pieces and as a series. I also admire how he has managed to make the images 'beautiful', compositionally and the use of colour really draw you in.There is much to learn from this photographer and I would like to explore his approach more in the future.

The final photographer Mitch Dobrowner has a series of images entitled 'Storms'. The title is pretty self explanatory. They are an absolutely staggering set of images by a photographer who has been chasing storms across the US. They are out of this world. You must have a look, they are better than any Hollywood animated effects.

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