Friday, 28 October 2011

What are we missing?

We've been away for half term and so will follow a number of posts from the east coast.  We rent a fabulous apartment that looks out over the sea, the promenade and indeed Bridlington Spa, which incidently is the most amazing venue right on the seafront and since the landscaping work around it is complete, it is just stunning.  This is an image I took several years ago when the tide is out. Anyway, that's another story.
It is not uncommon for the roads around the Spa to be busy when there is something on...Jason Manford was here one night this week.  But on Wednesday, there seemed to be a little more excitement than usual.  There already appeared to be some fans queuing early in the morning. At first, I authoritatively inform my family it is an educational group coming to see a matinee of Macbeth. How do I know? Well, I've swept past the queue on my way to pick up the morning paper and have seen an A-board outside the Spa promoting Macbeth...yes I'm right, it's Macbeth.  

But by mid-afternoon, my family are scoffing at me. The queue has grown and grown, and is predominantly young females with far too little on to keep them warm (come on, I am old and sensible now!!). I agree, as good as Macbeth is, it must be something else. So we guess it must be a boy band. The venue holds nearly 4,000 so it could draw a big band, perhaps even someone we know...or at least the kids know!!! David Bowie, Status Quo and many other big names I am reliably informed have played here in the past...
 Then by the evening, we have not seen anything like this before...the queue is...
 MASSIVE...and trails all the way down and along the promenade, where three sea and rescue vehicles linger. I'm not quite sure what they're expecting...I'm thinking about the potential hazards but I just can't see these die-hard 'queuers' going for a dip and losing their space...but who am I to say!!
By this point...looking on from the warmth of our fifth floor apartment we begin to wonder whether we're missing out on something, a Conservative Conference, Jedward or the World Darts Championship maybe??

It's no good, curiousity gets the better of it...macbeth it is is the awesome Jesse J. Who? my Dad asks!!!


  1. Just loving that Orange wall Penny—maybe because my colour assignment is looming!! By the way, I am now going to google Bridlington Spa, too old to google Jesse J! Think I'm there with your dad!!

  2. Lol Vicki, what would we do without google!! I must admit, I had to ask my husband to do a little recital before I knew what famous songs she sang!! Dad responded 'oh it's a she is it?!?' Honestly, how ancient are we!!!

  3. I've just googled Jesse J. Famous song??? Liked the story, but I would've gone to see the Scottish play.

  4. Great story. I've also never heard of Jesse J. Not sure I'm curious enough to Google her. Looking forward to teh next instalment!

  5. Hiya John and Eileen - can't imagine queuing all day to see any of the above really - although I do remember doing the very same to see Bryan Adams!!! There, showing my age!!