Tuesday, 1 November 2011

On Reflection Part Two

Where to next? The last post was looking back, this post is looking ahead. 

I'm thinking landscape at the moment. I'm mindful of...
  • keeping things simple and succinct
  • rural street photography
  • environmental portraiture
  • 'surrealism' in photography
  • large format photography
  • the Lakes landscape
  • cliches

It's a toughy...I resented the 'genre' based nature of social documentary and no doubt I will have similar issues with 'landscape'. Here's where I'm at:
  •  My starting point was landscape...that is why I took the OCA route...I wanted to take photos of the Lakes that didn't look like all the others before them...
  • The PWDP course seems to be more current, probably more fun to complete and in many ways more wide open.
  • Large format photography doesn't necessarily sit neatly with PWDP. 
  • A number of projects I want to explore could be tackled within the landscape modules. I'm thinking Gursky, Epstein, Struth, Soth... 
  • The conceptual photography is an anomaly. I may carry out a couple of personal projects to satisfy this need if it doesn't 'slot' in to the landscape curriculum. See this post.
All being well, my Christmas present will be one of these two courses...

I have enjoyed the blogging process hugely. Headline stats:
Pageviews: nearly 10,000 (most of my own probably!!)
Most viewed post: Life's a Beach
Number of Posts: 163
  • I didn't keep a paper logbook for this course which I did regret...more from the continued appeals from tutors than having a real need for one. I will keep an electronic and paper log for my next course. 
  • Blogspot has limitations. I want to explore building a website with integrated blog as a number of other OCA students have adopted.  
  • I do not want one blog for each course...I'm interested in the 'timeline' and the development from the beginning...not just each course...I think this approach will be interesting as a long-term retrospective. 

I want to come back to this earlier post written in March this year where I considered four interrelated factors: motivation, satisfaction, expectation and success.

Having reached no conclusion then, I have tried to sum up my thoughts succinctly and fairly honestly here!!  
What motivates me is the making and creating...what drives me forward is maximising the potential of 'me' and possible success therein. By success I mean recognition. Recognition by who or what will change depending on my stage of development. My expectations will inevitably outstrip my success by the nature of who I am.  This expectation is my driving force and biggest critic.   My destination is unknown...this frustrates and delights me in equal measures. I know I want to exhibit my work at some point. I am not ready yet...I think I will know when I am.  The dis-ease is my own fear of failing, fluctuating confidence and becoming too focussed. The cure will continue to be enjoyment, perseverance and patience...


  1. Hi Penny

    So with you on the surrealism, but think it will take a while before it features in anything that I do!

    No suggestions about which one you should do - PWDP or Landscapes. Think possibly landscapes will challenge you more, make you fight more; and is dearer to your heart?

    Blog v paper log. This is such an ongoing conundrum. I started 'digital paper' because that is easiest for me and I wanted a tangible product—then I felt pressure to have a blog. A blog is not natural for me, and I find it takes longer than my digital—but now I feel the pressure to have a physical paper one.

    I am trying to have one blog which covers everything—from beginning to end—for the same reasons you stated. But not sure how bloated it will become!

    Love your closing paragraph, you seem so clear!


  2. Hi Vicki, I appreciate your comments. Yes, me too, could be an academic study the surrealism one...

    Vicki, what do you mean by digital paper - like a word document you mean? Your blog is very comprehensive and from a users point of view I think it works well...I can learn a lot from your approach.

    I have started two or three paper logs in the past which end up as a collection of magazine cuttings and nothing more...serving no purpose to me or anyone else. Also when I do read, see or hear of something there is inevitably a website, link or web presence you can find to reference it which removes the need for the paper log.

    Also, when uploading to a blog, I have found I have had to really consider what I write, how I write it and therefore need to understand it. I find it a really useful process in itself. Uploading makes it feels 'published' which gives it a 'validity' all of its own. And also I really enjoy reading and dipping in and out of other students and photography blogs. So I feel it is an important part of reciprocal electronic participation - bit wordy!!!

    I guess the blog will be 'bloated' in time but as long as the signposting is good and comprehensive I can't see that being a problem.

    Thanks for popping by Vicki



  3. Hello Penny, re your last paragraph. I agree with every sentiment - that's why my blog is called exposure! I have been exhibiting now for three years - the process is wonderful, if you sell that to me is a bonus, the fact that people come and talk to you about your work and what it is you are trying to do is worth it (I have made profits, all be they small every time). I was scared the first time, but so worth it. I have another in four weeks. Fear of failure is a tough one to overcome, try Fear of Flying by Erica Jong, it may get you over it.
    p.s. thanks for the LF mail and I like the photo at the top of the blog.

  4. Hi John, thanks for posting...interesting book reference...not what I thought it would be, was expecting it would be a self-help type of book...but what the hell, I've ordered it anyway, looks interesting...

  5. Hi Penny

    I have a whole load of links: http://vickifoto.co.uk/?p=2032 - some surrealism, some just dark. No idea what I will do with them in the long run, but sort of have a mini-plan for my assignment on light, which hopefully will progress as I undertake other modules!

    Agree what you say about a paper log just being cuttings and comments—I found some images in Vogue a couple of weeks ago, but rather than waste time cutting and sticking in the real world, it was easier to find the images online and cut and paste in the virtual!

    Giggled when you said about considering what you write—have found the opposite!

    I started my blog—other than quite a strong suggestion from the powers that be—because of the idea of sharing. I have gained so much from reading others; that it seemed only right to share back!

    For my digital paper I was using InDesign -page/book/magazine layout application. Was really easy for me—much easier than a blog—and I want to be able to print that as blurb book for my own records at least. I also don't trust the longevity of a blog.

    Okay - that's my bit. Thanks for stopping by mine too! Your comment and the people helped me see a possible theme which I had not! Also, bearing in mind that I don't yet know my Struth from my Steichen, which Lowry were you referring to?

    One last bit - have you tried bloglovin? I have signed up and it is fab. No cost. Allows you to follow blogs; you can organise and group and you always know when someone you are following has made a post—which is how I saw yours today!!

    Take care

  6. Vicki, I've not heard of bloglovin, shall have a look. Will also check your link re surrealism. Have posted on your blog re Lowry too. Also Blurb does allow you to print out your blog if you wish (belt and braces stuff) just to be safe. Not sure if you can do this from a website or not - I guess you probably can somehow.