Tuesday, 27 December 2011

That inbetween bit

It is always a strange time betwixt and between Christmas and New Year...it is a time to reflect on the merry christmas you have endured, no enjoyed I mean...a helping of self gratification, congratulating oneself that there were no tears, only one faulty present and a welcome absence of soggy parsnips.  Yet I can't get rid of this nagging guilt that I am part of the problem, as I sink further under the weight of indulgence. A weariness descends as I reflect on my own consenting participation in this obscene excess and the monopoly sized credit card bill that awaits us in January!

And there is still the New Year festivities to come...hoorah, belch...when the house will fill again with family and friends, another huge supermarket shop will be required and the consuming will begin again...it is hypocritical I know...I participate whole-heartedly, yet harbour a wimpering self-loathing that I can't shed with the piles of packaging and wrapping paper from Christmas.

Anyway, it has been a lovely Christmas and most importantly we succeeded in ensuring the children had 'the best Christmas ever' again (you can't see my eyes rolling as I write this)!!! I have a spare ten minutes to reflect a little, before I eat another chocolate I don't need! Are we expecting a nibble shortage in 2012 or something...what is going on!?!

So I've also taken a break from the mac for a few days...and I miss it!! I just wanted to reflect briefly on my photography progress. 2011 certainly ended more decisively than it started.  I have completed the Social Documentary course. Fab.  I haven't fully accomplished all I set out to, particularly with the medium and large format cameras so will roll this forward to my next course and next year.  Really looking forward to using both a bit more...these two images below are from my first roll of film from the Holga this summer.

So for 2012, the landscape module will commence in earnest.  I think I know what I want to achieve for most of the assignments, but not how to achieve it, although I'll probably change my mind quite a few times before then! With my youngest now at school, I should be able to get out more and I'm not as reliant on photographing people with this module. There is a titanic load of reading to do and I imagine a fair amount of trial and error too. But I do hope to make quicker progress through this course...possibly completing this in nearer 12 months and going for March assessment 2013, but I'm perhaps being over-ambitious. Here's hoping - I might as well start with punctual intentions!


  1. Sounds like you have your materials for Landscape and are ready to dive in! Good luck!!

  2. Well I know what you mean about excess and guilt (and the reading to do (7 books on photography alone for Christmas)). Knowing where you are heading has to be a good thing at the start, so good luck with Ls. I am now clearer about what direction of travel I will take for P&P. Good luck and a successful New Year.

  3. Hi Vicki and John...sorry for the delayed response...looking forward to seeing how you both progress in 2012 with your respective courses. It makes the journey so much less isolated. Best of luck!!