Monday, 13 February 2012

Technical Problem

Big sigh...I picked up my camera forgetting it was connected to the computer. It pulled the camera, computer and usb wire with a heavy jolt. I cursed myself at the time, now today, I have tried to download some images on to the computer with the same wire and there no longer is a connection.  I have tried with another wire but to no avail.  It seems I have damaged the output connectors in my camera.  Big question mark...images safe on camera but can't download...


  1. What a pain! I use a card reader, which I like because you need never worry about whether the camera has enough battery, and it's very quick. My reader is built into my computer but I know you can buy them relatively cheaply. Good luck.

  2. Blue tack saved the day...but fear I'm on diminishing returns!!

  3. I'm with John on the 'oh crap' comment; and with Eileen on the card reader! I got mine fairly cheaply from Warehouse Express and it takes all kinds.

    Glad the blue tack came in useful though!!

  4. So easily done... I hope it is an easy repair from whichever end is damaged. Not nearly as cheap as a cable but have you looked at this?

    BTW, my first visit to your blog and I hope that I won't be stating the obvious but you have some delightful and very professional images here.


  5. Thanks Nick...

    ...that's a nifty piece of kit...just wondering whether my budget will stretch that far....