Friday, 8 June 2012

Thank you Ma'am

The weather wouldn't cooperate this week, but it would have been hard not to be a Royalist wouldn't it?...think we all appreciated the extra bank holiday too...who knows, it may have been a canny plan to kickstart this ailing economy of ours!! The roads certainly suggested there was one or two of us 'stay-cationing'.

So we've just returned from a week away in 'Whe-yelles'...with no phone or internet connection whole week without fact it is only today on returning to England that my mobile signal returned!  We, being thirteen, stayed in what can only be described as a handsome country residence, surrounded by 100 acres of woodland. A stunning, picturesque property set in a steep sided valley that reminded me very much of the Langdale Valley here in the Lakes. From a sea of snapshots capturing all manner of combinations of family members at the beach, eating a burger, playing volleyball, there are one or two that I hoped would show the slightly humourous incongruity of contemporary, informal living within the ostentatious and somewhat grandiose surroundings that became our home for the week.

Ps. Feedback from assignment one has arrived while I have been away. I've quickly scanned through it...and I'm not ready to talk about it yet. Read in to that what you will!!


  1. Glad you're back! Looks like you had a good time though. Let us know about the feedback when you are ready!

  2. Yes, welcome back! It looks like a wonderfully relaxing place to stay, though I'm not sure I'd have been able to resist a trip to an internet cafe (there's an admission for you).
    Am most intrigued about the feedback. I can't imagine it was less than positive - hope it's been worth the wait.

  3. You've definitely captured the incongruity - it's developing well. I like the touch of Brideshead Revisited though!
    We were away in Brittany the other week and I managed to resist the internet (had to pay for wi-fi) until the last couple of days when I just had to give in and fork out the money.
    I'm intrigued about the feedback too but will wait patiently.

  4. Hi Catherine, Eileen and Vicki...Catherine, this won't be a was just some I took whilst 'holidaying' and won't be developed any further. In terms of my cold turkey experience...a week without the internet hasn't cured me, I'm as addicted as I ever was!!

    With regards the feedback, I am speaking to my tutor on Monday hopefully and will decide what to do after that...and then at some point I'll post here too.

    Thanks for popping by.

  5. A week away eh? We love that part of the world and have been there a few times into similar country houses, it's a real treat. Looking forward to seeing your work moving on.

  6. ...just sneaked out before the floods...