Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Heard of a cinemagraph before? Well this is my first attempt...spent most of the day on it.  There is an article here and here about what they are...I can't decide if they're pretty cool or just a fad...either which way, I can't dismiss it on this basis, and at the minute I think they're pretty cool. 

This post is not directly linked to the landscape course but depending on how I get on with this technique, it may do...eventually. I was totally inspired after this weekend (photography residential in Leeds)...firstly I want to start experimenting with photo-films inspired by Peter Rudge's talk from Duckrabbit (and yes I've ordered an audio recorder too!!) and secondly, to throw out the conservative constraints of photography following Mishka Henner's disregard for convention and embrace technology. And then in the portfolio review it was suggested I should look at animating the drawings that were within some of my photos...so I thought I'd start by trying this technique. 

I can't believe how fired up I feel...there are so many things I want to try...

Write up on the weekend to follow...and more on this soon too...  


  1. It's really unsettling to be looking at the blog and suddenly see the picture moving out of the corner of your eye - quite took me by surprise. There is something eerie about this and very interesting. Am hugely looking forward to seeing What Penny Does Next!

  2. Ordered the recorder as well; got Premiere Pro - decided on the photo film, just not sure whether it'll fit P&P or be held over for Doc' (probably the latter), sent letter off to get principle character for the shots for the video and plan to meet up with other subjects at a garden party on Sunday. Got permission to go back in the bunker (probably Ass' 5 P&P) am doing that this Saturday. I figure we can't do another study weekend again for at least a year as I will burn out! What a great weekend.
    Intriguing video, I'll follow the links - I hope i'm not interested as I'm not sure how I would fit it in at the moment.

  3. Ha, I'm not the only one then...I think it's going to be really fun and interesting watching how all our portfolio work develops over the next few months and also how we will all respond through our own work to what we learned this last weekend. Keep thinking the little spare money I have I should spend on courses rather than kit as its way more productive...but I've just bought the recorder so thats that theory out the window!!

    Yes, still undecided about this technique, but trying to be more open minded about it all and just giving it a go as who knows where it'll lead...

  4. Wow Penny. It's kind of eerie but kind of not - especially if I move my mind's eye slightly sideways. Have just been imagining this by a lake. It would work so well -The beautiful child looks as if she's telling a story. I can definitely identify with John's hope about not being interested. There's so much spinning around in my head that I'm not getting anything done.


    ps Oh No! There aren't going to be any recorders left by the time I get the money together to buy one!

  5. Yes I have too...really sunny day today, I'm waiting for a cloud to come and pop out and try that. The important thing (which Vicki touched on in an email) with trying new techniques I guess is to remind yourself that it is not the technique that should impress but the message you're trying to impart and that is something I will need to think about in due course because as at the moment I'm just thinking 'cool' without what I'm trying to say.

    Catherine, I think all our heads are spinning like plates at the minute...clatter, clatter....

  6. For stills+audio I suggest you consider:

    "La Jetee" (Chris Marker, 1962) 29mins - this is a classic narrative work using B&W stills and audio. There's plenty of info online.

    "Copy Shop" (Virgil Widrich, 2001) 12mins - rare but available on one of the Cinema 12 DVDs

    MediaStorm http://mediastorm.com used to have quality tutorials on sound for photographers, you might have to dig about to find them. I have them but they are too big to email. You should find some quality photojournalism projects and other creative works made using stills and audio.

    Elsewhere you'll the odd quirky commercial piece such as: "All over Australia" by Bill Frakes but I suspect it may be too commercial.

    Regards, Raymond

  7. I meant "Cinema 16" http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cinema-16-European-Short-Films/dp/B000295SAG

  8. Thanks Raymond I shall check these out.

  9. Just dug this up for another student so thought you might find it of interest. It's a Youtube channel of work by my former undergrad photo students working with either film or sequences of images, or in one or two cases a single image. I hade them explore how sound may be used to either support narrative or to radically affect interpretation.