Thursday, 25 October 2012

Future of Photography

On the 1000 words Photography Magazine blog there is an interesting lecture on the future of photography, see here. It's an hour long but if you have the time it is well worth watching.

Key points of interest for me:

- the future of photography is today, technology is no longer a limitation
- digital versus analogue - there is porosity between the two, lines are becoming blurred
- photography of the future will be more to do with how with circulate, organise and consume images than how we make them
- photography is gaining freedom - appropriation, reorganising found photographic material and the diverse physicality of the output are examples of this.
- how will we edit, filter and organise archives
- the web means images are not filtered and are often recontextualised...current online consumption of images is to do with quantity/frequency over quality.
- because of the volume of imagery now being uploaded through sites like facebook, for artists/photographers to create something meaningful, it forces them to do something out of the ordinary and may increase the pace of this.
- The physical object is becoming more important.  What value is there to see it in a gallery rather than online.
- you can no longer disentangle photography from art.
- the medium of photography is no longer just a camera, it is the whole process

None of this is new, but it does reinforce views I have heard and read elsewhere recently.  There are a number of photographers mentioned within the video that I will come back to as they can inform my photography.

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