Thursday, 14 January 2010

Dream Scene

I love these images.  Her name is Susan Burnstine.  Her approach is unconventional, making her own cameras for each image and photographing in a state of half sleep and wakefulness.  There are a few remarks she makes in the article that I like. 

'She advises other photographers to constantly challenge themselves and make time for their personal art. "You need time where you shoot just for you. I need to look at things differently every single time to keep changing my perspective and finding a new one'.

The images feel dreamy and charged. They allow so much to interpretation yet are beautiful in their own right.

I love these too by Jerry Uelsman. Whilst purely done on film, it sort of feels like a fore-runner to so much of the digital art we see around today.


  1. Thanks for posting these links, Penny - I love them as well and have bookmarked them.

    "You need time where you shoot just for you" - I couldn't agree more, and I think there's a danger of forgetting this when we're involved in doing assignments and studying. I find it's easy to lose sight of what attracted me to photography in the first place, and the excitement I felt about it then. Although I love working on my course, I also need to go out sometimes and just take whatever inspires me, otherwise I begin to get jaded and see every picture in terms of what my tutor will say about it. It's good to be reminded.

  2. Hi Gilly

    Getting bogged down in assignments and particularly projects I think is something we all suffer from. I find I'm so busy thinking, contemplating and considering photography that I forget to take any pictures. Then I remind myself and start photographing like mad for a day and then settle down again. Taking images for coursework feels very different to those I take for myself. For me, the latter feels like a diary or journal and the former like a piece of work. I think with the course you lose the spontaneity a little but somehow value the output more, knowing the extra effort that goes in to taking them.