Saturday, 16 January 2010

go compare . . . aargh!

Advert breaks give you (well, me - can't speak for you) the chance to pop to the loo, finish the washing up or check if the snow has finally melted. However, somehow or other even if I've left the room, my brain is still somehow infiltrated with mind-numbingly dull, annoying, mildly humourous and occasionally entertaining drivvel (is that how you spell it?). 

In my experience, most adverts are of the 'in-your-face' variety.  I'd like to be able to say 'well, they've spent all this money and I have no idea what they're selling. What a waste of money'.  But I prove myself wrong within an instance and can reel off so many of those infuriating 30 second promos, go compare, 118 118, every little helps, because your worth it - aaargh, I'm irritating myself just writing them down. But I know them and I dare say you do too.  So, this 'in your face' marketing works, which means they feed us even more of it. 

Well, today I caught something that I thought was refreshingly different and actually a clever way of marketing a pretty boring product.  Tea.  Infact, looking back at slogans, Tetley make tea bags make tea; all the best from Yorkshire, like tea used to be; put the kettle on we all need a PG moment - tea is such a quintessentially British tradition and traditionally so has much tea advertising.  This is all well and good, but it so much braver and more distinct to be different.  This new tea ad campaign by Twinings is, in my opinion, inspiring. I love this concept and also these

I know this isn't directly linked to photography but in some ways it is. Our culture, programming and many other things I don't understand, explain why we 'see' things as we do.  And to 'see' things differently from another perspective is actually much harder to achieve than we (or should say I) think.  I think when we look at the all-time greats in any field, be it art, photography or indeed any profession, an ability to 'see' things differently or solve problems creatively is a quality that cannot be under-estimated.

Time for a cuppa - nettle, camomile or peppermint!!

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