Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Touching Strangers

I came across this art photographer, Richard Renaldi, who focusses on portraiture.  This particular project entitled Touching Strangers I think is just fantastic.  Take each of these individuals on their own and they would be a photo of stranger. But by putting together two strangers who are so different in looks, composure and unease of tactility is just fascinating.  I think it says so much about western society and how we interrelate with others.  There is a certain level of humour within them that I love.  Thumbs up from me.  Just inspiring.


  1. Penny, do keep it coming with these links! This is great, and I'm not normally a fan of portrait photography. It's really funny how awkward some of them look, especially the man with the bikini clad woman, while she's leaning into him in quite a relaxed way. Rather than have to touch her shoulder, he's stuck his hand out quite awkwardly. I didn't read the intro, but I'm guessing this was done in America, where I think they're a bit more relaxed about touching than us uptight Brits. I wonder if it would work to do something like this here. I also wonder how he got up the nerve to ask people to do it - I think I'd feel very uncomfortable.

  2. Yes, it was in America and as you say, you wonder how he actually asked them to pose and how much he was pushing to get opposite looking strangers to pose together. I think it's a fascinating project. I know I too would feel uncomfortable if asked to pose like this and equally to ask others to do it, but the results are worth it.

  3. Good find!

    I have liked Rinaldi's work since seeing an exhibition of Figure and Ground a couple of years ago. You might also like work by Alec Soth