Monday, 14 June 2010

It just ain't happenin'

I've tried it every which way and I can't get inspired or motivated for any of the projects and I have no vision or ideas for the first assignment. This is not the course's fault, it is mine!! The few ideas I have are riddled with permission issues as I'm drawn to schools, children, hospitals etc.  I don't help myself though as I am setting myself unrealistic targets and standards I wish to achieve. It is this that is holding me back. So, I'm stopping for now until I've got a new head on it and hope in the next few weeks for some helpful serendipity or divine inspiration!!!   I'll keep being proactive in my learning and may even look at another assignment to tackle in the meantime.  

And then, I dreamt of a large format camera last night and find myself pondering whether a new piece of equipment would miraculously get me out of the rut - but I can't 'buy' my way out of trouble, however tempting.

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