Thursday, 10 June 2010

Tough Times

There isn't really much I can say that hasn't already been said about the terrible tradegy in West Cumbria.  I can barely bring myself to write his name.  I really feel for all those families unexpectedly mourning their loved ones - it is so unjust.
I popped in to Whitehaven yesterday, a week after I was last there.  We were 'locked-down' in Tesco's oblivious to the enormity of what was to happen.  We knew someone had been shot in town but that was it.  Rolling up and down the aisles with three children for over an hour led to some interesting and extravagant purchases.  We fortunately arrived home safely.  However living here at the moment, I don't think anyone feels unscathed from the tough times West Cumbria has had of late. The familiar sound of whirring of press helicopters overhead has become synonymous with yet more bad news. A natural disaster, a catastrophic road accident and 'Birdy', you would be forgiven in thinking we had 'upset' the greater forces upstairs!!

Once again all your beliefs and faiths are challenged.  And it becomes so pertinent to recognise what is important in life knowing that there really are no guarantees of anything.  Making the most of everyday is, I think, hard to practice, but there is a danger if we forget it!


  1. Your thought are echoed in my own. I work in Whitehaven and live nearby, 2 of my customers are dead and I will miss Darrens sarcastic and sharp wit. We will never forget, but now the press are leaving us in peace it is the time to start moving on. God Bless West Cumbria.

    Adey -

    PS What a great blog Marmalade... found it completely by accident but I'm very impressed. I used to run a camera shop in Whitehaven so photography is a love of mine too.

  2. Many thanks Blackcountrybiker. Nice to e-meet a fellow West Cumbrian blogger.