Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Pausing for thought

I find myself pouring over blogs and websites endlessly at the moment.  I am searching fervently as if I have a deadline to keep and job to finish. But I am unclear what question it is I need answering or why the urgency.  My lines of enquiry do have some sort of theme however and are as follows:

- assignment three is a critical review for which I have chosen Helen Levitt. I have started compiling some notes for this and hope to put this together slowly alongside the other project and assignment work.
- I will hopefully, soon, be the proud owner of an Ebony 45S large format camera.  But I am now searching for a second-hand lens for this camera. This has been an undertaking in itself with a whole load of new jargon and acronyms to get my head around.  I think I know what I want now, although it is another thing getting it for the price I am willing/able to pay!!
- the other is about different approaches to social documentary photography.  There is an article here which has been helpful as part of my thought processes. Candid versus posed photographs is what I wish to explore in a later post.

In addition, I've realised how important the OCA hub is.  Until the site went down, I found myself popping in and out of this forum frequently and have missed it over the last week. No doubt we'll appreciate it all the more when its back up and running! 

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