Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Translation dictionary required

This is intentionally a light-hearted self-deprecating post - it's that or I thrust my fist through the screen!!! Now, now... yes but, no but... I have spent an inordinate amount of time perusing the classified sections of the photography forums when it has finally dawned on me that I must have inadvertantly clicked on the wrong language.  Then I smile at my own ignorance and think back to the male domination discussion on flickr. Mmm, there may be more than an element of truth in that!!

I'm in the market for a lens. I've done my homework. Sounds straight forward - I've worked out what focal length I need, the good brands and what works for a 5x4 camera. Should be ok then.  I'm not one for swearing, but bloody hell - this has to be a female nightmare!!

To illustrate my point, today I could purchase for myself a long loupe, an amidol, pacemaker xenotar, one shot trichromie (isn't that an operation??), acryllic ice-cubes (what!!), a compensating timer, empty film boxes (and where are the films??), a petzval, an infrared converted body (mmm, and the cellulite too?), Red Dot Apo Artar. I'm being facetious but honestly, these are all FS (clever me knows that means For Sale!!!) right now.

I'm sure there are many male, and female techitrons out there who 'get' all this. But I sigh and hope that one day I too will know what on earth it all is and hope, upon hope, I don't need it all.  The only non-techie comparison I can make is the list of absolute, can't do without, 'must-haves' that were thrust upon me before my first low-maintenance bump became a high maintenance baby. The paraphenalia that goes with such a little being was phenomenal.  You could lose your baby under the weight of it all.  I would read Mother and Baby and say to my unsuspecting husband 'yes, we really do need a chair that rocks while I'm feeding, a nipple shield, a highchair cushion, a bumbo and hip seat'. He relented very occasionally but most of it was really not a must-have, nice-to-have maybe.  With this new baby (camera that is) I am hoping it won't require too much more expense and that my linguistic skills are up to learning a new language!!

Yeh, being a bit girlie I know!!

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