Thursday, 7 October 2010

New lens has arrived!!

There's nothing stopping me now - except me!!  I have an Ebony 45s from Oz, a Rodenstock apo-sironar n 150mm lens from the US - the only limiting factor is ME from the UK!! I really could do with a beginners course with this camera.  There is no instruction manual for the camera - I guess there is an assumption that if someone is prepared to buy one, they must, for crying out loud, know how to use it - apart from ME that is! 

Quite funny really.  So I am starting from scratch.  What is so simple with a digital camera will now require considerably more thought and I'm sure my photography will take a 'backward' step before I progress on!! 

Anyway, I'm going to check out how to load film now. A few good links here and here, and here and here to help me out.  Thank you Tom for those. And no doubt I will be regularly popping in to the Large Format Photography Forums here and here which have been invaluable so far.

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  1. How exciting, it really looks the business! I will be watching progress with interest, good luck.