Tuesday, 12 October 2010

To upload or not to upload

I don't know if there are any other OCA students doing the Social Documentary course and/or if they are keeping a blog.  To my knowledge I have found neither so I don't know how others have tackled this.  Regardless of this, and it is probably only me who has noticed, my project work is conspicuous by its absence on this blog. 

There are several reasons for this....there are limited hours I can dedicate to the course both in photographing, researching and indeed keeping my log up to date and relevant.  All demand as much time as you can throw at them and updating my blog is no exception.  Each post feels like a mini-assignment.  Perhaps I am too diligent in this respect. However, I spend hours perusing websites and blogs, I am purchasing more and more books and am submerging myself in my subject.  I also spend a lot of time debating in my head and thereof on my blog, and occasionally in forums, how I am getting to grips with subjects.   I think given the course I'm doing and how I 'mature' as an artist, this is a healthy and normal environment to be working in. 

Ideally I would cover all aspects of my photography in this blog. However, I have at the moment prioritised posts that cover self reflection and areas of study. This, I think is more indicative of my development than a diary would be detailing the technical aspects of my project work. Unlike for TAOP, sequencing of projects is also much more haphazard, as I tend to be led more by opportunity rather than by planning. 

You may also notice there are a very few images of my own or other children on this blog for reasons I needn't go in to.

So for the record.  The project work is going on but will not be uploaded here.... for now anyway!! 

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