Friday, 26 November 2010

Course Progress Part Two

The following post is a quick overview of project progress. I have mentioned in this post that I am not documenting comprehensively my project work. So instead I'm including a brief overview of progress so far.  I've not included all the images as this blog format isn't very conducive to including lots of images (that is another post as it's beginning to frustrate me). I've included a random selection of images taken with the projects in mind, it breaks up the rather 'dry' text too!!

I've tackled the projects in a fairly ad-hoc way - opportunity driven. This has bothered me a little as I like things to be ordered and systematic. However, it has just evolved like that. Despite this, I am confident that I have learnt and practiced within the framework of the course and feel my learning curve has been pretty steep. And in putting this post together I have been surprised at how much has now been covered albeit in a topsy-turvy fashion.

However, if I dare make an observation, I have been somewhat disappointed with the project side of things, particularly projects 19-28. I have felt I was doing some of the projects for the sake of doing them at times, rather than genuinely benefitting from them. I admit myself that my camera skills need continual improvement but I just wonder whether the projects are perhaps too process-led. I have only really thought about this since embarking on the street photography now project.  My attitude to this has been lighter and I'm trying to work out why!! Maybe because there is a cohort of participants to learn from and with, focussing on one established practitioner every week, one week leaves no time to get bogged down with the subject, the instruction is unprescriptive. To have this type of project for every genre would be enormously helpful in my own way of learning.  I guess its horses for courses!!

So here is a quick overview of progress:

1. The Reporter's Eye

I have found these projects very helpful in my learning.

#1: friend in a public space: done
#2: framing a single figure: done
#3: framing two people: done
#4: vertical v horizontal: done
#5: eye-lines: done
#6: direction of movement: done
#7: a day at the zoo: went to circus, not the zoo!
#8: thinking about the way you work: done but would like to post this one up sometime
#9: suggesting more with less: done
#10: high viewpoint: done
#11: crowds: done
#13: a natural portrait: done
#14: people at work:
#15: tools of the trade:
#16: urban life: done
#17: holiday: done
#18: life at a beach resort: done

Part Two: The Telling Moment

This section is about utilising your camera and knowing its limitations. I am fairly familiar with my camera settings and limitations.

#19: analysing moments: done
#20: anticipating a moving figure: done
#21: camera handling: done
#22: action - peak moment: done
#23: action with a  motor-drive
#24: using an auto-focus lens:
#25: follow focus: I have used the continuous shooting capability fairly frequently
#26: selective focus:
#27: selecting the right shutter speed: this is considered with each photograph taken

#28: improving your slowest shutter speed: I have a good understanding of this. Very aware of the constraints with night street photography at the moment. Only wish I had a steadier hand.
#29: children at play: my kids are my blank canvas often, as are other people's kids.
#30: emotion: practice all the time
#31 a situation that improves: examples of this are evident every time I go out
#32: street photography: forming the large part of my photography at present
#33 tungsten light - colour and exposure

3. Working in low light: I am currently here in the course....
#34: handheld slow exposure: practicing currently
#35: a city at night: practicing currently

4. Documentary Styles
#36: wide-angle technique: tend to use 18 -50mm. Will try even wider.
#37: telephoto technique: will practice
#38: black and white: I will experiment with this in due course although prefer the colour aesthetic
#39: making connections: to do
#40: laying out a photo-essay: researched extensively for assignment one and will revisit for assignment 5.
#41: a cropped print: I don't process my own prints, however I do crop, which again, a post could be written on the authenticity of cropping.

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