Sunday, 4 September 2011

Big Issue in the North No. 2

The image below will hopefully be published in the Big Issue in the North this week:
This particular image was taken at Appleby Fair, however, I've been spending a fair bit of time at the local shows recently, firstly because for the first time in 3-4 years, they haven't all been rained off for waterlogged fields and secondly, they are incredibly fun environments to be in to photograph the great British public.

I post a few images here that I think are probably less suitable for publication but I like them anyway.
This, because the judge is oblivious to his hand gesture

 This, because of the framing and the 'arse-out' posture required of Cumberland wrestlers
And this, because unbeknown to me when I took it, the coffee cup is reflected in his glasses and look like 'googly' eyes!! Sorry, a bit childish I know!!


  1. Love the pictures Penny, especially the first one. I must admit I thought the Big Issue project was over as I haven't heard anything of it in a while. I may ask OCA to see if they'll do a retrospective at some point, as it would be really interesting to see what was chosen and how it was used.

  2. Jose seems to be the main point of contact for this. I think he has pdf's of everything that has been printed too. The set-up has evolved as it's gone along and now instead of one student submitting one image per week, each student submits several to a combined pool from which one is chosen each week.