Monday, 5 September 2011

Laura Henkin's Blog

Another interesting post on Laura Henkin's blog that highlights her experience of being a juror for the Photolucida Critical Mass Programme. She highlights mistakes photographers make when submitting their work and also how she values and critiques work too. For example, things like this below, which she shares about the artists statements she has seen throughout the process:
I have to say that about 85% of these statements need major work. The language is often vague, process-oriented, filled with art-speak, and generally, not helpful to understanding what the work is about. I truly believe that I’d rather see something like, “I made these images simply because I felt compelled to do so.” than most of what I’m having to read with these entries.
Her writing is inviting and flows beautifully. I'm finding her blog really informative.

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  1. I also fopund that entry very interesting. Looking at some of the artists statements in exhibitions and books I have wondered if it was necessary to be obtuse in order to pass through the curatorial gateway. It was nice to see that writing simply is acceptable also.