Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ellie Davies, Julia Fullerton-Battena and Rania Matar

The second post following the Lens Culture International Exposure Awards 2010 winners.

Three other photographers I really like and want to post here and come back to another time:

Ellie Davies has the most wonderfully lit trees amongst woodland.  They create a hauntingly beautiful effect and transform the landscape.

Julia Fullerton-Batten's homepage image with the white-lit laptop and ghostly lady in her night-gown is just stunning.  Want to look further at her work.  Useful interview here.

and finally Rania Matar's girl's bedroom project is so simple, yet so telling.  I don't know how orchestrated they are, but there is so much you can read in to each image and about each girl. Just fabulous.

Looking at these and previous posts recently, seem to be drawn to the work of quite a few female artists.  Not sure if that is chance, intentional or whether I'm more naturally drawn to the subject matter they have chosen.

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