Wednesday, 30 November 2011

David Ellison

Just found some of David Ellison's work today on BJP, who has done some photography work in Cumbria and has taken this environment for the subject of his recent work.  He says in BJP:
“I’m obsessed with the notion of the North, anything North I love,” he says. “It’s the remote poetry of the place. When I visit home and get out onto the fells of Cumbria, I feel an intense connection with the area, and the rural heritage of the North is very interesting. The folk art of Britain inspires me, and the industrial past. I want to document it in my own style.”
His recent work takes the ancient heritage of the Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling carrying out a number of portraits of the contestants and the wrestling landscape.


  1. I really loved the vests and pants on the wrestling series. Completely freeform ornamentation, intricate and at stark contrast to the activity they will adorn. A great set of portraits too. I'm really drawn to portraiture and I may get a LF camera primarily for that purpose. Talking of which I got in contact with Vanessa Winship, isn't it great when the artists respond, all her portraits were with LF.

  2. Hi John...I'm also drawn to large format for portraits...haven't mastered the 'flash' with the large format yet however...would be very interested to hear how your dialogue with Vanessa Winship went...will you be posting it?

  3. Hello Penny, I updated my Hereford post with some stuff, and one of my favourite images from her panel. I won't have any more to add until (and unless) she replies again. As I say in the blog she is on location (somewhere) currently.
    As regarding flash - do you have a large flash unit(s)? I have several soft boxes and I have a tendency to think that they may suit i.e. soft light, which should enable HUGE detail. Bit of an issue though if not in the studio!