Thursday, 1 December 2011

Contested Countryside

I have just been having a thorough read through Simon Roberts We English blog. I have popped in before, but I'm now looking at it with new eyes. There are a loads of interesting posts and some links to photographers work relevant to my current research about photographing the landscape. Such as John Darwell's work during foot and mouth, Ingrid Pollard's thoughts on 'Englishness and ethnicity'. I have also looked through Jem Southam's Clouds Descending project which follows Lowry's footsteps on the West Cumbrian coast. John Kippin's work  pays allegiance to the traditions of pictorial landscape whilst overlaying this with contemporary culture and politics. All good stuff which I will come back to again no doubt.

This link entitled Romanticism vs Beauty is also an interesting continuation from this post.

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