Monday, 9 December 2013


Tack plays a surprisingly important role in my creative life and its' absence can lead to absolute brain freeze. Sounds dramatic, but given how much time I spend in front of my computer...and particularly when browsing, rather than typing like I am now, my left hand will always search out for the same piece of sticky, malleable blu tack that enjoys permanent residency next to my keyboard. As you can imagine, it is pretty grim now, many months down the line.

But unless my left hand is busy squidging, moulding and creating shapes with it, the rest of me feels utterly bereft. And if the piece of blu tack goes missing, as has been known in the past, it can send me in to bouts of anxiety that far exceeds what is entirely necessary or acceptable. And as such, Mum's weird obsession means blu-tack has an elevated status in our house. So I bought them their own supply of new, clean blu tack so they would leave me to my own rather gross, smelly blob.

It's a bit silly really...but without it, I am at a loss.  So I thought I'd come out of denial, celebrate its existence and embrace my neediness of it!!

Anyway, after much kneading and squeezing, some fun ideas are taking shape for level three...I like these early stages, where the blank paper is beginning to colour with splats of random thoughts, ideas and threads and anything is possible.


  1. Cool blue tack Penny! Glad you survived landscape, I just have ass 5 to go and I'm done on level 2! Not totally sure about what's next but probably will do level 3/6 in photography at OCA.
    Is your work anywhere?
    Mine is here, criticism is welcome, never built a website before!

  2. Hi Anne. You're making good progress through landscape, surely it would make sense to continue to level three. You have an amazing theoretical grounding and looking at your website, you have some inspired work particularly the projections series. With regards websites, yours is clean and easy to navigate, tick. Slightly slow to load with my broadband. I have tried various website provider templates and kept being disappointed. I have a website with squarespace, which isn't free, but they have some nice templates and I find the uploading and blog easy to use ( Most of my assessment work isn't online other than the Her Eyes On Series one which is on my website. I will get around to it soon in some form. Best of luck with the last assignment Anne. Penny

  3. Thanks Penny, I will most likely ... it sounds like there will be a few of us! I'l go have a look at squarespace, your website looks good and clean - which is how I like them, and interesting work!