Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How many more excuses...

The photography has stopped. Before Christmas, I rolled out my first excuse and that of 'a much-needed creative pause'. In the New Year this was replaced by my second, 'and the arrival of two rambunctious pups that needed obedience training'. Which, as a matter of interest, is going well.  Collies are remarkably bright and do pick things up quickly.  The down side being that if they pick up bad habits, like herding sheep (bad if you don't want them to), then it's really tricky to correct. And now as they reach puberty, their herding instinct is more powerful than any command I politely scream at them.

So now to my third excuse. The builders came around for a cuppa (usually an entire cup of sugar, dissolved with one spoon of tea). Soon after, the first cobbles from a wall nigh on a metre thick are removed...noisily. Shortly followed by a few more, until our pond (we removed the fish beforehand) resembled a Cumbrian Quarry but with more stone!! Much of our living space is OOB's, and we're living out of those very useful, enormous blue ikea bags and eating more baked beans than is probably wise! 

Now in to our fourth week and I'm getting bored now!! The house is still utterly filthy, no end in sight and months of work ahead of me when the builders finally look elsewhere for a sugar rush. See the pictures below, processed 'contrasteee' for dramatic effect!!

So, the photography is off the radar and my interest has waned with my semi-permanent distractions. I am still hoping to re-engage later this year and hope there will be no further excuses. Why I can't allow life and photography to co-exist I'm not entirely sure. In part, being singularly focussed is to blame, but equally, I probably need to question my motivation for returning. So, whilst it is unlikely anyone still reads this bordering-on-dormant blog, thank you for passing by and apologies for the absence of any communication, and apologies in advance for more of the same!! 

The Dining Room

The Kitchen

The Pond

The Study

The Utility Room


  1. Well - I suppose you could consider it as a documentary project. Maybe get some stories from the builders in the process!!

  2. If it helps most of us get to the point you've reached at some stage - some of us more than once! Just hang in there, keep the gear safe and let us know when you're back! If I lived closer I'd bring you round a cup of sugar to help out :-) Dave

  3. I remember the day the builder left the building; no more tea, no more coffee, no more noise, conversations, the quiet before the noise again, the dust, the grit, the tea and more tea and interminable conversations about subjects I had no interest or knowledge in. The plastic sheets that didn't keep out the dust, it drifted in with the draughts created by the builder's coming and going. The dust sheets on the floor that add dust and grit to the floor and whatever we hoped to salvage as floor covering for the future - vain hope and the cessation of the frontal attack on the bank balance, the electric switching off without warning. The state of the loo. The sense of relief as the quiet re-settled before the decorating started - but in my time, my time, oh joy!