Sunday, 27 July 2014

About time too!

AT WHAT POINT the excuses dried up I'm not sure...the house had not, and still hasn't, entirely recovered from renovations, but certainly is now liveable with.  After such major disruption and distraction that extended over many months, I careered head-long in to an empty and silent pause...for a brief moment I viewed it with excitement. And then it started to engulf me, manifesting itself as self absorbed criticism.  A heady mix of introspection, depression and anxiety.

I am considering a number of 'ventures' to embark on, for wont of a less ambitious word, recognising that I am utterly rubbish without a focus. One of my 'occupational' staples over the past five years, and relevant to this blog, has been studying photography with the Open College of Arts. The sporadic, half-hearted injection of energy in to this blog is a fairly accurate reflection of my enthusiasm to photography of late. I found myself prickled and prickly on concluding the landscape module and whilst an enriching experience, I couldn't claim I enjoyed it. The notion of signing myself up for another mental assault has been difficult to assuage.

I have hesitated for long enough and have now signed up, with some trepidation, to Level Three. Yay! Or Yikes! Or Cr*p!! It will nourish my idle thoughts and I will, no doubt, be lost to it very soon. 

Perhaps against best practice, I will continue to use this site as a repository for the two courses; Body of Work (BOW) and Contextual Studies (CS)...I have refreshed the format, revised the signposting and will populate accordingly.  Personally, I enjoy tracking my journey, in its entirety, on one blog.

So, tutors to choose, course notes to receive and critically, brain to engage!!

Ps. and thank you to those that have been nudging know who you are!!


  1. Welcome, Penny, look forward to following; we're none of us too far down the line with L3 yet so I'm sure there'll be plenty of opportunity for interaction. (You'll have seen the 'Over a drop of vintage' L3 thread on Flickr, no doubt.
    Good luck'

  2. Thanks Stan, I have already been taking a peek at your blog and have been aware of the vintage flickr thread which is a great idea. Will hope to join you for a hangout in September.

  3. Welcome to L3, I'm on my final push for Advanced now and (mostly) loving it. Hopefully you'll get back in your stride soon.

  4. Thanks's taken me an age to decide!!

  5. Adding my welcome and looking forward to it. Enjoy the summer

  6. I'm so pleased you've taken the plunge Penny. Loooking forward to following your progress.

  7. Thank you John and Catherine for keeping me in the loop.