Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Making a start

Well, we say goodbye to the summer (and it was this year) holidays. I will miss the never-ending days and the not-having-to-be-anywhere-at-any-given-time.  Now it's time to get back to real life, school, work and for me, studies. I've done little over the summer with regards my studies, other than sign on to level three.  I am in receipt of the course materials, have drifted lazily through the notes backwards, then forwards and backwards again. I have a raft of unrelated, chaotic and incoherent thoughts and ideas, one or two photographic, many more not.  I have two great tutors to aid me through level three in Jesse and Peter. 

But right now, I am feeling daunted. During my first afternoon alone, two sleeping dogs presumably wondering, like I, how the house can be so quiet. For them, dull probably, for me, disconcertingly capacious...without the distraction of squabbles, industrious and unindustrious bustling, and the umpteen requests, each crescendo-ing with a piercing 'M.U.M.M.EEEEEEE...' !

I don't know how to start the course(s) yet. I have some threads from level two to pick up on with regards:

i. female/gendered gaze and/or feminism
ii. mirrors
iii. altered landscapes in relation to the above

In addition, I have an interest in pursuing:
i. 'alone-ness' and/or 'nihilism'
ii. a collaborative approach based on the landscape
iii. developing our own experimental 'movement' with the OCA
iv. alternative manifestations of the photograph

So, to side-step tackling what I'm gonna do, I thought I would write up a blog feels like progress without having to make any decisions, or take any pictures.  Taking pictures, incidentally, isn't happening. I'm not quite sure how that bodes for a final year of a photography degree...hopefully perfectly normal!!

Think I'll go and erm, I don't know...what next...oh, is that the phone...

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  1. Just waiting for the yeast to rise I guess! The threads sound interesting. Looking forward to catching-up.